Blatchford Redevelopment


Pursuing 100% Renewable Energy & Net Zero Carbon


Location: Edmonton, AB

Sector: Urban Planning

Client: City of Edmonton


MGB Scope of Services:

Sustainability Framework Development

Energy Performance Codes

Green Building Codes

DESS Exemption Guide



Located on the former Edmonton City Centre Airport, the 536-acre Blatchford redevelopment will consist of residential spaces, a town centre, and a central park. The sustainable community will provide a home to 30,000 residences as well as retail, office, institutional, and commercial spaces. Blatchford aims to use 100% renewable energy and reach carbon neutrality while reducing its carbon footprint. To minimize its environmental impact, the community will focus on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy. To reduce the overall energy demand, the City of Edmonton is proposing the employment of a District Energy Sharing System (DESS), which is able to capture excess energy from buildings and share it with others across the neighbourhood. The DESS is also capable of capturing and storing summer heat energy, which can then be used in the winter months.


MGB provided expert strategic and technical advice and recommendations to ensure a world-leading sustainable development. The green building framework developed includes a range of targets and technologies for energy efficiency, renewable energy, health, amenities and sustainable living.  Additionally, MGB provided advisory services to review and refine the exemption for net zero energy buildings from the DESS.